Pump Installation Service

BlueWater Wells Ltd has significant experience of designing submersible water pumps and surface pumping systems whether working with our own borehole installations or those provided by third parties. Borehole Installation Following borehole drilling, and testing pump, BlueWater Wells Ltd will design the appropriate pumping system to suit the clients’ requirements. The characteristics of the borehole and available groundwater along with the needs of the end-user in terms of flow-rate and delivery pressure will all be taken into account during the design process. Working to the highest standards BlueWater Wells Ltd will complete the construction of a bore-head chamber and headworks to our own specification and where necessary the clients derived specification. Surface, Spring and Mains Pumping In instances where the construction of a borehole is not a geologically viable option, alternative water sources such as spring or low pressure mains water supplies can be stored, treated and the delivery pressure improved to meet the demand of a particular site. BlueWater Wells Ltd is able to design, specify and install systems which are bespoke to the situation.

Test pumping

Whether as part of an ongoing abstraction license process or independently required, BlueWater Wells Ltd can provide the necessary expertise to establish the capabilities and performance characteristics of any borehole or water well installation.

Test pumping can be undertaken against regulatory authority requirements, consultant specifications or designed in-house to establish short term and long term influences on boreholes and aquifer properties. Data can be analysed in-house and an opinions can be given on borehole and aquifer properties to clients and regulators. Data can always be provided to third parties in formats that they require Test pumping are carried out to obtain information to:

  • Assess the hydraulic behavior of a borehole
  • Determine the hydraulic properties of the aquifer
  • Determine the effects of pumping upon other water sources Borehole