We are well equipped on site water and borehole engineers but we are also equally well equipped to give advice and consultancy on your borehole water supply, construction, water treatment, pumping test and maintenance of your borehole. We’ve written numerous reports for clients for several different requirements whether they be pumping test reports, environmental risk assessments, private water supply risk assessments, home buyer reports when boreholes or spring are the water supply and borehole status reports to name but a few.

We work with all of the regulators to ensure that the report that you need also delivers the information that they require, we have a great working relationship with all the regulators and we are often commended by them for the information that we provide. Our borehole and water supply consultancy is perfect for those companies, engineers, professionals and people who at whatever stage of their project just need some advice and information on paper to then be able to make further decisions from.

The Company’s management team has many years of ‘hands on’ experience in the industry and are always delighted to assist with any queries no matter how small. If you have any borehole related projects, we will discuss your requirements with you and advice on the best way forward to achieve optimum results cost effectively. Where necessary, they will visit your site to gather all necessary information and then they will provide a detailed ‘no-obligation’ quotation for the specified works.