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We are well equipped on site water and borehole engineers but we are also equally well equipped to give advice and consultancy…


The borehole is drilled with 8” drill bit and 6” casing installed thereafter up to the bottom. Gravel pack is then fitted between the casing and the borehole wall…

Pump Installation Service

BlueWater Wells Ltd has significant experience of designing submersible water pumps and surface pumping systems whether working…

Water Treatment Systems

Groundwater produced by boreholes may need to be treated in order to be suitable for drinking or for special commercial processes…

Pump Maintenance and Servicing

The company is ideally placed to help our clients’ systems to operate to their maximum potential throughout the lifespan of the component parts….

Geo-Vision Borehole Camera

Part of BlueWater Wells Ltd investment into specialist equipment includes Geo-vision Borehole camera equipment…

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At blue Water Wells we have the right tools to do the job

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Our employees and technicians are qualified and certified

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We have over 8 years of experience in the industry

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